Associate in General Studies

Follow your interests in a few different fields with an Associate in General Studies. Instead of choosing one path and sticking to it, this General Studies degree allows you to follow your interests in a number of different fields.
Degree Type: AA
Department: Education

About the Associate in General Studies

At 鶹ý’s Global College, our expert faculty, instructional designers, and staff ensure you get the access and support you need from enrollment to graduation. Graduates of any online associate degree program may also choose to continue their education seamlessly through one of our online bachelor’s programs.

The Associate in General Studies program is a great fit for students who want to develop their knowledge in a number of areas, or develop a solid foundation for future bachelor’s degree course work.

What You’ll Study

The Associate in General Studies degree requires a total of 63 credit hours, with 39 of those in general education and Global College core requirements that include courses in writing, mathematics, science, social sciences, religious studies, speech, foreign language, and computer skills. As the General Studies degree is designed for exposure to multiple fields of study, the remaining 24 credit hours can be filled with electives of your choice.

The entire program is offered in an online format. This gives you the flexibility to learn when it’s most convenient for you. Courses are accessible from anywhere at any time and on most devices. 鶹ý Global College courses are highly engaging, efficient, and interactive. Together, with your peers and faculty, you will discover new horizons and a brighter future.

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