Cultural Studies

Choose a cultural studies major and investigate how “culture” affects individual experiences, everyday life, social relations, and power. You’ll prepare to serve the community through teaching and outreach.
Degree Type: BA
Department: Education

You will engage in cultural analysis that identifies traits, conflicts, and contingencies in contemporary culture.

Through interdisciplinary learning drawing from a wide range of academic areas, you’ll develop the communication, critical thinking, and research skills needed to make your own impact in the classroom and community. Our supportive faculty will mentor and guide you as you prepare to take on the challenges of a career in the community or pursue teacher licensure as part of CBU’s program.

Program Highlights

The cultural studies major requires 122 credit hours:

  • 34 credits: General education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 36 credits: Liberal arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 37 credits: Major requirements
  • 15 credits: Professional education

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