The 21st century English major builds on the traditional strengths of the English major–critically interpreting literature within cultural, historical, artistic, and theoretical contexts–and reflects the digital turn. You will gain a range of critical, digital, technical and creative skills.
Degree Type: BA

About the Bachelor of Arts in English

You might be drawn to the English major because you love books. But that’s just a starting place. CBU’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English degree is designed with the understanding that the traditional skills of the English major—critical thinking, analytical reading, insightful writing, and out-of-the-box problem-solving—continue to remain appealing to all employers, even in the digital age.

Our tenured faculty recognizes that an interdisciplinary education that incorporates the intersection of technology is critical in any liberal arts degree. Beyond your required general studies, the curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts in English is molded around a variety of literature courses that enrich your understanding of the past and present, acknowledging the historical context of the written word so that we may become better prepared to shape the future.

Program Structure

The Bachelor of Arts in English degree program requires a total of 122 credit hours. Within the degree program, students complete five areas of coursework:

  • General Education – 22 credits
  • Liberal Arts – 30 credits
  • School of Arts Support – 9 credits
  • English Major – 46 credits
  • Major-Specific Electives – 15 credits

Students emerge from the English degree as competent critical thinkers, equipped not just through the engaging literature courses of the English major but through . The School of Arts Support requirement invites students to take a course in a related area, such as leadership, law, computer science, sustainability, medical ethics, or visual arts to support their transition into the workforce or into post-baccalaureate options.

The academic catalog lists all course requirements for the English degree program.


For students who aren’t pursuing an English degree but are still intrigued by language, we offer the following minors:

  • : 18 credits in English and creating writing courses. These courses also contribute to interdisciplinary minors in American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Sustainability Studies, and Peace Studies
  • : 18 credits in 200-level to upper-level English courses
  • Foreign Language: 12 credits in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, or Spanish

Complementary Minors

The Bachelor of Arts in English degree program pairs well with a variety of technology minors, such as CBU’s minor in Humanities ComputingSustainability Studies. Students can utilize their minor to work in communications, marketing, the nonprofit sector, or in developing their own business. 

Professional Writing Certificate

CBU offers a professional writing certificate that allows students from majors across the university to combine four courses to add to their credentials as proficient and career-ready communicators. Courses include business communications, advanced composition, creative writing, art, and creative nonfiction.

Careers with a BA in English

English majors aren’t restricted to the world of writing and reading. Our recent graduates also work for major tech companies, industrial manufacturers, national and local nonprofits, and schools; others have continued their education in graduate studies in English and law.

Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in English may find careers in the following fields:

  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Politics
  • Publishing
  • Technical Writing
  • Social Media Management

Data from the  shows that employment within the media and communication occupations is projected to grow six percent through 2031.

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