History Education (6-12)

CBU’s major in History Education blends the study of history with education courses that will teach you about the past to help you influence the future.
Degree Type: BA

Offered in partnership with CBU’s Department of Education, the History Education major will develop your analytical and communication skills to help you be a better teacher and thinker.

As you work toward your History Education degree, with a range of history and political science courses focusing on both Western and non-Western societies, you will develop critical thinking skills that will help you examine various situations from different perspectives. By conducting competent research, you will be able to arrive at evidence-based conclusions and you’ll learn how to show your future students how to do the same.

When you choose to major in History Education, you’ll be making a commitment to not only yourself but to all those students you’ll be able to reach over your career. You’re committing to follow in the footsteps of our own founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, who is the patron saint of teachers. Over 300 years ago, he committed to bringing education to everyone, and today, our world still needs people like you who want to develop young people and help give them a bright future.

It’s a big task, but don’t worry, we’ll be right here with you as you take on your first classroom teaching assignments, prepare for licensure exams, and bring together materials and knowledge that you’ll draw from throughout your teaching career.

And if you do decide that teaching isn’t the career for you, we’ll still be there helping you find your path with your highly developed critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

History Education Program Highlights

The History Education major requires 136 credit hours:

  • 25 credits: General Education – Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 24 credits: Liberal Arts – Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 51 credits: Major Requirements – World civilization, American society, U.S. history, non-U. S. history, world politics or nations and states.
  • 36 credits: Licensure – Education courses, practicum, student teaching, portfolio


  • History — 18 credits selected from a variety of history courses
  • Global Studies — 18 credits selected from global studies, anthropology, art, biology, engineering, English, philosophy, religious studies, geography, history, and political science with an international focus
  • Women’s and Gender Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in English, history, psychology, sociology, religious studies, and anthropology focused on women and gender
  • American Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in English, history, political science related to the United States
  • Political Science — 18 credits selected from courses in political science, psychology, economics, philosophy, economics, global studies, religious studies, and speech
  • Sustainability Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in political science, psychology, economics, humanities, philosophy, biology, economics, global studies, and religious studies related to the multiple dimensions of sustainability

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