The study of history is important because it helps you understand the world in which you live and the people who inhabit it. It teaches you to develop a critical attitude towards information, to answer difficult questions by conducting competent research, and to clearly explain your ideas to others.
Degree Type: BA

The study of history should leave you with a level-headed and long-term perspective based on the knowledge that the world has always been affected by good and evil, that change is the result of complex and often unpredictable factors, and that the flow of human experience is made up of both continuity and change.

You’ll take a wide range of courses that emphasize analytical and communication skills. This knowledge and skill set can help you live a more thoughtful and engaged life and prepare you for success in a variety of careers in fields such as law, government, and business administration.

Study abroad opportunities are plentiful for History majors as you explore the historical and political foundations of Western and non-Western societies. You’ll also have numerous internship opportunities with local museums, law offices, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Program Highlights

The major requires 121 credit hours:

  • 31 credits: General Education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 24 credits: Liberal Arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 45 credits: Major Requirements
  • 21 credits: Free electives
  • Present research at the annual CBU History Conference
  • Complete an internship or service activity as part of their degree path
  • Explore career options as part of their coursework

Related Minors

  • History — credits selected from a variety of courses
  • American Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in English, history, and political science related to the United States
  • Political Science — 18 credits selected from courses in political science, psychology, economics, philosophy, global studies, religious studies, and speech
  • Global Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in global studies, anthropology, art, biology, engineering, English, philosophy, religious studies, geography, history, and political science with an international focus
  • Sustainability Studies — 18 credits in environmental economics, philosophy, biology, history, political science
  • Women’s and Gender Studies — 18 credits selected from courses in English, history, psychology, sociology, religious studies, and anthropology dealing specifically with women and gender

Pre-Law Program

History and Political Science courses are perfect choices if you’re interested in going to law school. CBU’s Pre-Law advisor provides advice on preparing for, choosing, and applying to law school, information about the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and access to publications from law schools across the United States. You’ll also have special Pre-Law courses that will prepare for your career ahead.

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