Liberal Studies (K-5, Licensure)

If teaching is your passion, a BA in Liberal Studies is a great choice. Through our interdisciplinary learning approach, you will receive a well-rounded, diversified education that will prepare you for initial teacher licensure.
Degree Type: BA
Department: Education

With a degree in Liberal Studies, you will be well-prepared to teach K-5 students. You can also find a career in business, government, or social service agencies like adult and family services, criminal justice, and health and welfare.

The Liberal Studies major combines courses in humanities, arts, sciences, and education to give you a complete educational experience. This interdisciplinary experience will encourage the kinds of intellectual growth and critical thinking that you’ll need to succeed not just in the classroom but in life.

Program Highlights

The liberal studies major requires 133 credit hours:

  • 34 credits: General education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 36 credits: Liberal arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 50 credits: Major requirements
  • 13 credits: Student teaching

The academic catalog lists all course requirements for this program.


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