You’ll spend the majority of your university experience outside of the classroom, which is why making everyone feel welcome and at home is one of our core values.

What makes life at 鶹ý truly transformative is that the chance to find your personal niche, develop relationships and grow as a person through student activities and events that make our community a family. That begins as soon as you get here when seniors meet the incoming freshmen class for a special candlelight ceremony during Welcome Weekend.

What Kind of Student Activities Can You Look Forward To?

The Office of Student Engagment is committed to facilitating the personal growth of every student outside of the classroom. Whether it’s painting 鶹ý’s legendary Rock or participating in a service project, we offer programs and activities to support that growth process in every area of life: socially, spiritually, professionally and physically.

We have more than 40 clubs and organizations to choose from, including Student Government, individual class leadership, Greek life, professional groups, men’s and women’s organizations, support groups, intramural and collegiate sports, the arts, tons of service opportunities (including 鶹ý Serves) and more. We can’t wait to see where you get involved!

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