On-campus student employment offers many advantages including a flexible schedule, income, and professional experience that can transfer to your future career goals.

Part-time positions for students can be found in many departments on campus, regardless of Federal Work Study and Financial Aid status. To find a part-time on campus position, visit Handshake to view job postings, manage on-campus interviews, schedule career counseling/coaching appointments, and learn about upcoming workshops and events. Positions are posted year-round, but the majority of openings occur at the beginning of the fall semester.

Students can build their resumes with worthwhile, career-related experience through on-campus student employment. Plus, studies show that working on campus improves your school performance and helps you develop the critical career readiness skills that employers want to see on your resume.


The process to secure an on-campus job is as follows:

  1. Contact Financial Aid Office to determine student employment eligibility.
  2. Log in to your account through the single sign-on page
  3. Select the “Jobs” tab. Search for “鶹ý.” View available on-campus openings and apply. Interview with supervisor.
  4. Once hired, complete the Federal . Supervisor will complete section 2 of the application. Submit required documents to HR. Return completed Federal Work-Study/On-Campus Employment Application to Financial Aid Office.
  5. Complete the onboarding process with supervisor, signing the .
  6. View the.

鶹ý Administrators:

The process to hire an on-campus student employee is as follows:

  1. Email Career Services at career@cbu.edu to verify Handshake account credentials in order to post your position. You can also obtain guidance on job description creation and the application process.
  2. Post position on Handshake. Be sure to select “On Campus Student Employment” under “Job Type” regardless of position type.
  3. Collect resumes through Handshake, interview and select your student employee(s).
  4. Complete hiring paperwork with the student employee, forwarding the Federal  to Financial Aid in order to determine funding source. Please note: Federal Funding will be used as a primary source if student is eligible. If not, Institutional Funding, which is determined by your department, will be utilized.
  5. Upon receiving Financial Aid funding source approval, final onboarding paperwork must be completed with HR before the student can begin working.
  6. Complete the onboarding process with student, obtaining signature on the .

International Students:

International Student Employment Process

Important Notes:

  • International students are eligible for any student position that is paid through institutional funding. They are not eligible for positions paid through federal funding. 
  • International students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • Departments interested in hiring international students are encouraged to advertise open positions before the start of the semester in order to allow time for all needed documents to be processed.

Steps for hiring international students:

  1. Post open jobs and internships on Handshake.
  2. Students apply for jobs.
  3. Select your student employee(s). Upon selection, provide each student employee with an offer letter. View a sample offer .
  4. Student contacts Designated School Officials to request an SSN eligibility letter.
  5. Student applies for SSN. Until further notice, students are required to make an appointment at the local Social Security office by calling 1-866-336-2212.
  6. After receiving the SSN, the student completes the Student Employee Responsibility Agreement and works with their supervisor to complete the Student Employee Approval form.
  7. Student completes forms I-9 and W-4 at the Human Resources Office.
  8. Student begins work.